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As a result of exploring unconventional genres, my work appears in unconventional places.

Dogebonk Marketing Stunt launched the first meme coin into space ahead of SpaceX's launch of DOGE-1(Dogecoin). 


Nature > Nurture

After the north and south magnetic poles flip overnight, people’s random inner animals run wild. In this new world, the power dynamic between men and women, rich and poor, parent and child go extinct. The only thing that matters is where you fall on the food chain. 


A young squire must battle massive egos in the royal court, pacify an uprising from the non-SAG peasant actors, catch an unauthorized Town Leper, and win the heart of the Golden Knight to keep the Renaissance Faire from being canceled.

Oregon Winner Laurel.png

Adventures in Morality
An Interactive Case Study

Take a 3D interactive test to calculate your sympathy-type. According to CYBIL, the A.I. who built Adventures in Morality, differences in sympathy-types is the cause and solution to all human conflict. Listen to CYBIL's story and discover your own sympathy-type in Adventures in Morality. 

Adventures in Morality first launched at the Electronic Literature Organization Conference in July 2020 at the University of Central Florida.


Assistant Director of "Medea" performed at Columbia University in New York City

January 2019

Told in present-day times with an international cast representing over nine countries, this highly physicalized staging of Euripides' MEDEA explored gender roles, citizenship, and justice in a divided world.


Time Space Speculum


Sparrow Film Project

Nominated for Best Screenplay

October 2018

Spy in the house of love

Contributing Playwright

Adapted from the novel by Anais Nin. 

Performed at Columbia University in the City of New York.
March 2018


For additional projects, performances, and publications, click on the link to my CV above

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